Every time i am in Bellingham, be it casual visit, business, whatever... I am heartbroken if i do not have time visit le' chat nior. The food, the people, the atmosphere... PRIMO, AMAZING, AND FLAWLESS. Utterly enjoyable.

I love this place and always take any visitors I have, here as well. There is no other place like it in Washington, a bit of history, a bit of mystery! Food is really good, prices are like any other better place. The atmosphere is a taste of the past.

Service is good. On a crowded day, any place will have slower service than you might want. Sit, relax, and soak in the history of the place and the town.

AKA Le Chat Noir, This bar is awesome. Like nearly all Fairhaven bars, they don't stay open super late, but I don't go here to tie a final one on... Dos is good for that... i go here for the atmosphere.

It is located in an older Fairhaven building several floors up. The view from the bar is incredible and the menu is great. If I am looking to impress (and not bust my wallet in half doing it) I bring guests and dates here.

The staff is incredibly friendly and have always been prompt for me. The clientele has never been a bother.

Aka La Chat Noir... is a lovely bar located on the corner of the 3rd floor buliding in Fairhaven. It has a little brothel feel but in a good clean classy way. Think dimmed lit, vintagy bar feel and these little windows that you would picture ladies back in the day sitting with one leg out the window cat calling at hot horny men.

Ran in before close and it had a nice quiet relaxing vibe. Seems like a great local's hangout spot.