This place is what's up. Super cool, dark and elegant ambiance. Simple menu, nice bar and good background music. Take your date here... If your date takes you here they have good taste.

The Black Cat has reopened (12.31.14) under new ownership.  The new owners also operate Mambo Italiano, same building but downstairs. 5 stars!

A wonderful blending of the old and the new.  New owners gave respect to the old ambiance and created something new with a deft painterly touch.  Former patrons should love it.  New customers should get on board.  Just leave me a space at the bar.

The new kitchen is gorgeous and I swear the acoustics (for talking) are better.

Though I live south of Bellingham... I love to travel to Old Fairhaven to spend an evening at the Black Cat. The bar staff is always quick and the menu has something for everyone. Fish tacos are my favorite... but when I pull a crowd there... fondue is ALWAYS a hit.